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Winter / Spring 2024 Competitive and Pre-Competitive Program Registration Is Now Open

The PETERBOROUGH SWIM CLUB (formerly the Trent Swim Club) is pleased to open registration for its Competitive swim program.


Welcome back to all competitive and pre-competitive swimmers to a very exciting 2024 winter / spring swim session!!

January 2024 marks the long-awaited return for all of our competitive and pre-competitive groups to our home facility, the Trent University Allan Marshall Pool! After an approximately $2 million upgrade and renovation that includes improved filtration, a new deck and headwall, and race blocks, all competitive and pre-competitive groups will do some or all of their training at this facility for the first time since spring 2021.

With the return to Trent as the primary training facility for these groups, please be aware of the following as we enter the winter / spring training sessions:

  • A shift back to a much more typical training schedule has finally been achieved. While this maybe new to many of you who have joined during the pandemic or as we have emerged out ofthose restrictions, what you will see in the training calendar is very similar to what we havealways used as a Swim Club in the past. Our coaches are pleased with this much more optimaltraining situation. There is a greater balance of practices throughout the week, no more latenight practices, no more driving to Lindsay on the weekends, Sundays off, and all training, withthe exception of trips to TPASC for the older swimmers, takes place in the city!
  • All of our competitive groups have increased their pool time. This is something we have beenwanting and needing to do to provide the competitive training program our swimmers need.Due to venue restrictions and access in the region, we have had reduced hours for all groupsand more dryland to compensate for limited pool access for others since the pandemic arrived.What you will see in the calendar is more in line with what competitive swimmers at these agesand levels should be training on a weekly basis, based on the Swim Canada athlete developmentschedule and as compared to other teams in the region and province.
  • There are some morning practices for all competitive groups. To make the most use of ourtraining facilities available, and to optimize use of the pool by our different groups, severalgroups will have one or more weekday morning training sessions as well as on Saturday. Thismay be new to some of our younger swimmers, and we realize this may take some time toadjust. However, once embraced, it is a great feeling to have your training out of the way andmore of your day free for other activities (after school or on the weekend).
  • All dryland training will take place at Trent in association with pool time. This makes moreefficient use of everyone’s time, and is still achievable for the various ages and levels ofswimmers we have in the club. This may mean you require both swim and dryland gear whencoming to the pool though, so be sure to check the schedule!
  • The TRAIN, RACE, JR and SR groups will travel to TPASC once a month this winter (schedulebelow). Group transportation (school bus) will be provided at the same cost to swimmers as thispast fall.
  • As a result of increased pool time, and increased costs at our various venues, training fees haveincreased for all competitive groups. We realize that this is an unwelcome aspect ofimprovements to the program, however with fundraising efforts this winter/spring, theopportunity to host at least one swim meet at our home venue, and a strong swim-a-thon onceagain this year, we are pursuing all opportunities to lower fees and keep them more accessiblefor our families whenever possible. Further, the Board is looking for opportunities to return assoon as possible, in part or in whole, to the Club policy of providing a slight reduction in trainingfees for families, and in particular those with multiple competitive swimmers in the program.
  • For our swimmers in the Jr and Sr groups, as you are swimming the most hours, you will havethe choice to register and swim at the same number of hours you have been training at this fall,OR choosing to enroll in the expanded number of hours as we move to back to Trent. For thatreason, we are using the group names, Jr or Jr-Performance, and Sr or Sr-Elite (see fees andtraining schedule below). Depending on what your schedule can accommodate and allow you toswim, you can choose your level of participation. Both groups are allowed to compete.
  • Meet fees have not changed for the competitive groups. Please remember, any unused meetfees collected will always be credited back to a swimmer’s account at the end of the swimseason. If you ever wish to see the current status of your meet account, please reach out JaneIngram at [email protected], and she can share your specific swimmer info withyou. Meet accounts will be updated before the end of the holiday break, so we are beginningthe new year with an up-to-date meet account.
  • All of our venues are now permitting us to sign longer term contracts. As a result, the trainingprogram and fee structure presented here, will be in effect for the remainder of the season (Jan8th to June 29th).
  • We realize many changes are taking place in our various groups, and for that reason online Zoom information sessions will be held during the first week of January prior to the training session start to answer any questions and provide orientation for swimmers to the winter/spring season. More news on this will be circulated soon.

Registration Process:

  • Be sure to register in the appropriate swim group. Any questions regarding proper group registration for your swimmer should be directed to our Head Coach, Dan Stratton ([email protected]).
  • General registration questions can be forwarded to our Membership Coordinator, Jaime Akiyama ([email protected] ).



See you at the pool!