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Time Standards

As swimmers progress , they qualify for various meets based on preset time standards.  The time standards are published in table format by age and gender and you will find the time standards for regional, provincial and national qualification below.

The provincial time standards have the required provincial time to get to Festival or Provincials and a series of other standards categorized by the letters B through E.  The letter standards are often used as standards for other invitational meets.

For example a meet in Newmarket may require three B standards for qualification to participate as identified in the meet package.  In this case, the coaches will look at the B standards and register only those athletes that have 3 qualifying times.  The other athletes will not have qualified.

To find your current best times, you can visit Swimming Canada and in the Search box on the left hand side, simply type in your athletes name and follow the prompts. 

Devo meets have no time standard requirement and are designed to be a friendly way to introduce swimmers to competition.



Link to 2023-2024 proposed regional standards

Swim Ontario Time Standards

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Swimming Canada Time Standards

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