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Swim Club since 1939

Head Coach Welcome

Welcome everyone to a new season of the Peterborough Swim Club (formerly the Trent Swim Club). Swimming is a sport. As such it requires dedication, commitment and an appreciation for performance. Each of our participants start at a skill level that they hope to advance over the course of the season and use the expertise of qualified coaches to assist them in the process. Even with the assistance of a certified coach, the swimmer must possess the proper mindset for excellence and does the hard work to move their skill, fitness and performance capabilities forward. This takes time and effort, as well as support from those surrounding them to achieve this.

We believe that the Peterborough Swim Club provides the environment to support those efforts. But swimming is more than just a sport. It is also a community that serves the swimmers and coaches, the parents and volunteers, the officials and leadership who choose to invest their time and energy into the club. This community provides an opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn, a great atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and common purpose that our community serves the greater community. This community includes the City of Peterborough and the district of Kawartha. We have a long history that has served these communities and we continue to believe that our contributions improve the health and wellness of each member of these communities.

Swimming is also a tool. It is a mechanism to create a better version of you. For some that means they have better social engagement, for some it makes them a better student, for others it is creating a safe space to take risks and assume the responsibility for the outcome, positive or negative. For some, it is an opportunity to lead and demonstrate their proficiency to shine. This may be on a very small scale, like a regional meet, or a provincial championship or national stage. Peterborough Swim Club members have distinguished themselves in all three settings and remain committed to the same for the future.

We rely on our partners to achieve these things, including you. The swimmer, the parent, the volunteer, all share in the task of sustaining our community sport. We urge you to get involved and stay involved. The experience yields many great opportunities and memories that are lifelong.

Dan Stratton, ChPC

Peterborough Swim Club