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Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Dan Stratton Head Coach

Novice to national level swimmers, Dan Stratton has worked with both and the skill levels ranging between each. Beginning in 1988, Stratton commenced working with Swim Ontario athletes as he finished his BSc. in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. At the same time, he was in his fourth year as a Waterloo Warrior varsity swimmer and water polo competitor. These experiences have informed and shaped his career as a coach. In addition to these experiences, Dan has completed the NCCP Level 3 (senior coach equivalent), attended and tutored at the Canadian Sport Institute - Pacific, and has become a coach developer in the swimming 101 program. Stratton is entering his sixth year as the head coach of Trent Swim club. In this capacity, he serves the board of directors, oversees the program, leads a coaching staff, and works tirelessly to preserve the tradition of Trent Swim club in the Peterborough area. Dan continues to support the commitment, development and performance at all levels of swimming. He looks forward to ongoing coaching opportunities in this coming season and is inspired by the continued determination of each swimmer to excel and grow as athletes and individuals.

Owen Cecile Head Age Group Coach
Owen Cecile has been a swimmer with the Trent/Peterborough Swim Club from 2012 to 2021, and has been a coach with the club since 2017. Owen is a developing coach and the club is very excited to have him as the Age Group Coach. 
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